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Memorial FAQs

What's the difference between a memorial ceremony and a funeral?

A memorial or celebration of life will usually happen some time after a funeral or direct cremation has taken place; the coffin isn't present during a memorial. There are also more options in terms of where you can hold a memorial and there are fewer time restrictions compared with a traditional cremation.


A memorial can be combined with the scattering or interment of ashes if desired. 

Where can I hold my loved one's memorial?

You can hold a memorial ceremony in most places, inside or outside. Think of somewhere meaningful to your loved one (e.g. the family home or garden, their favourite park, beach or even restaurant or pub).


If you're scattering your loved one's ashes as part of the memorial, you may need to ask the landowner's permission. An interment of ashes can happen in dedicated burial grounds or in your own private garden.

How much do you charge for a memorial ceremony?

My standard memorial ceremony fee is £300. This includes all meetings, your bespoke ceremony script and a keepsake copy, travel within the M25 and of course leading the ceremony on the day itself. I ask for a 20% deposit to secure your booking. Travel and/or accommodation expenses will apply for ceremonies outside the M25.

Do you lead funerals as well as memorials?

Yes, I'm currently available to lead funerals on weekends. Please get in touch with me directly or via your funeral director.

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